Rupert Ingrams

After working with Le Theatre des Ombres in Toulouse for 10 years I have now decided to create my own theatre company :


The Dancing Firefly


Our speciality is shadow work although other related fields of interest include storytelling, music making, mask work and clown.

I have created six shows for children :


  • The Princess Labam (an Indian Tale)
  • The Fisherman and His Wife (Brothers Grimm)
  • The Story of Perseus (Greek Myth)
  • Ombure The Crocodile (African Tale)
  • Shadowplay (original creation)
  • The Two Brothers (Sicilian Tale)


I have performed at The Avignon Festival, The Festival Incanti (Turin, Italy), St Aubin (Toulouse), The Venice Carnival, and The Hannover Shadow Festival. Before going into puppetry I trained as an actor with Rene Gouzenne (Toulouse), Maurice Sarrazin (Paris) and Philippe Gaulier (London).


I aim to create a world in which children can have the freedom to dream and develop their imagination. Shows are often appreciated by adults as well!